Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bridge Farm Cider

Bridge Farm is one of those cidermakers you hear about long before you ever find or meet or taste anything to do it with it. That in itself is a step closer to legend status in my opinion and is always a good sign; word of mouth being the best way to find what you want and I tend to take the lack of discovery as a sign that someone there cares more about their product than the advertising and marketing.

Nigel Stewart makes traditional Somerset cider at East Chinnock near Yeovil in Somerset (good soil there for apples.) He’s quite an unassuming man with a fine militaryesque moustache and on the few occasions I've had his ear, he generally has informed and relevant to say about whatever the topic of conversation is at that moment.

Doing justice to something you are passionate about gets easier when you experience it firsthand and recognise the difference between an imposter and the genuine article. Bridge Farm has all the right ingredients for a decent cidermaker and is as genuine as they get: it feels right when you're there. The press rails laid into the floor, the detritus of production, the wooden barrels, the scent of the dark shed, the lush long grass orchards, the mix of fruit... these are all things that inspire you as a photographer and I've learnt to latch on to them as a source of that feeling, you can only try and capture it...

Anyway, he's supposed to have a website but I couldn't get it up (oo er) so am posting the important stuff here should you need it. Go along and say hi and buys lots, its lovely.

Bridge Farm Cider, Bridge Farm, East Chinnock, Nr Yeovil BA22 9EA
Tel: 01935 862387