Thursday, 1 December 2011

Blog improvements

Blogging is quite dorky isn't it and I only realised that this week... so not only am I a dork, I'm quite slow on the uptake too. No doubt any of you that have met me, will have noticed that already..!

My only excuse is that I'm still new(ish) to it and don't read enough of them to borrow other peoples great ideas. Of course I want it to be interesting/stimulating as possible so I thought I should put my neck on the line and ask - what can I do to improve the blog? Is there anything you would you like to see/hear more of/less of etc? I have lots of stuff in the pipeline but rarely enough time to put them together regularly enough so apologies for that in advance. I'm up to my nuts in work and this has to take a back seat occiasionally.

Part of what I am trying to do is promote cider and awareness about it and photos are most understood 'in context' which is why I try and say something in each post. I'm not a writer and often wonder if people wish I would shut up and say less, -just let the photography do the talking.

Maybe I should even do every other 3 or 4th post as pictures only?

Can I ask for any ideas or suggestions you may have for making the site more enjoyable, informative, useful, popular etc.

Maybe you have a comment on the photography itself? Is there anything you think I can do to improve it? Is there anything you'd like to see?

Suggestions please:


  1. I think you should have 'Photograph' by Def Leppard automatically play on every page with no way to turn it off.

  2. Yes, you are definitely a dork Bill!

  3. Hey, your pictures must be doing the trick. Did you notice that this site used one of your photos:

    That's how I happened upon your (cool, by the way) blog.

  4. I think your commentary is funny! I just found your blog from the Yahoo! link. I love cider - great photos.