Friday, 1 March 2013

Cider with ice: my faux pas

I shared this yesterday (via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) because I liked the simplicity of the composition and the lighting etc and thought people might enjoy relating to that moment just before you take your first sip.

I slipped few cubes in to chill it slightly because both it and I were pretty warm by then. As the sun was out (for once) and I was hot having slaved over a stove for hours to prepare a family feast,  I needed to be cool and refreshing. Mmmm....

However, the response it got was totally unexpected - no-one really gave a toss about the quality of the photography or 'the moment' because they were far more concerned with the fact that I, of all people, could put some ice in my cider! I really enjoyed the (albeit mild and short lived) controversy it caused and it made me realise that its one of those 'faux pas' cider folks really notice because they more commonly associate it with novice drinkers that have been suckered by the marketing of ciders that 'aren't real.'

It had me giggling and still does. I'll probably do it next time i forget to chill my cider, or glass in advance because theres something fun about swimming against the tide. Don't be afraid peeps, its just a few lumps of frozen water.

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