Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ode to a cocktail

During one of those impulse sessions where you bump into a friend (Bex) you haven't seen for too long so you decide to head to the pub, the subject of cider cocktails arose. In a chance meeting with Ollie the cocktail barman (Bex's friend), I decide to mention my need for some decent cider cocktail recipes for the Haynes Manual I'm currently working on. They're both down in Somerset to do their annual stint serving cider from the infamous Glastonbury Festival cider bus, so it seemed like fate when I realised he would be the chap to ask.

About 2 minutes later -when we realised we couldn't think of any -we got to work. We went to the bar and ordered 3 more pints of cider and, on Ollies advice, some shots of vodka, gin, triple-sec, Drambuie and Amaretto. The barman kindly supplied an knife, cutting board, half a lemon and an apple - so we were set. We grabbed a few empty tumblers, 2 packs of pork scratchings and we were away. My attempt (above) finished as quickly as it started by bunging some Gin in it and garnishing it with a pork scratching over the rim. Luckily Bex and Ollie, both of whom have worked making cocktails were there to guide me. The blending commenced, the successful results will be published at a later date.

Anyway -my point is -  where are all the good cider cocktail recipes that use cider as the main ingrediant? There must be some? There are quite a few that use both apple juice and cider brandy, but middle stage - the cider- seems to get left out.

Can you post some suggestions or your favourites here please?


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  2. Sounds great. Half a pint on gin may make a mess of me though. As a long drink l like 30% stout and 70% cider. Used be quite common 25years ago. Tastes great and was locally known as diesel.