Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Arweinlyfr Perai a Seidr Cymru (thats Welsh Perry & Cider Guide to you and me)

Hey, I've got more good news... we must have pleased the gods when wassailed hard this earlier this month. Yey for Wassailing I say.

Following the strictest tendering process of the Welsh Perry & Cider Society, it gives me a thrill to announce that Barnsley beer geezer Pete Brown and my-Somerset scrumpy-self have been asked to produce the first ever Welsh Perry & Cider Guide. 

The guide is intended to increase awareness in Wales and beyond, specifically: 'a guide to producers of craft cider and perry in Wales, comprising producer profiles, a cider trail, cider on the menu, and cider pubs.'

WPCS, the Development Officer Cressida Slater told me "We’re really pleased to have you guys on board and think this will make for a really interesting publication." I would like to add, rather boastfully, that I think so too. It is after all the point of a guide to supply information in an interesting way. If we are anything as a team, its 'interesting.'

I confess to not having spent alot of time in Wales, although it doesn't really matter. In many respects, that goes in my favour - there is alot to be said for being new to something, or somewhere, particularly if you work visually. In this case, its Wales and I hope as a newcomer I'll be tuned in to the differences that make it Welsh. In the same way a Yorkshireman who lives in London is in a great position to write about cider because, although very experienced in beer and publishing, cider is a slightly newer arena for Pete, his eyes will be fresher too: no preconceptions or hang ups etc. That having been said, I did a small job for them last year.

One benefit is that it reinforces a larger project Pete and I have been chipping away at, looking at specific cider cultures around the world. There is still alot to sort out, plans to be made and grey matter to flex (for those of us that have it) but it looks like Wales is due to get the full Team Brownshaw treatment.

Below is a very homemade cover mock up we stuck on the front of our proposal (yes, I know... and they still gave us the job.) If all goes according to plan it should be ready sometime in Spring 2013.

Yachi da.

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  1. As a true Englishman, I have managed to cock-up 'good health' in Welsh. I should read 'iechyd da', (not'yachi da'.)

    Thanks to Paul Kincaid for pointing that out to me

    Sorry Wales!