Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year, Wassails ahoy

Hardly the cider fuelled, rock n roll New Year's celebrations of my youth (I managed to drown my phone in a cup of tea...) but I made it intact and am preparing for another season of Wassails. Liver salts to standby please.

I've also had to concede defeat and book flights for Asturias for the end of the month to collect my prize winnings. I also plan to try and head out later - early April for La Primer Sidra l'Anu festival (dates to be confirmed.)

I'd like to say on a personal note - congratulations to Dan and Freya (some VERY cidery friends) on the birth of their new baby boy Arlo born on Christmas Day. Did you know that here in Somerset we used to baptise babies in Cider because it was cleaner than the water? (Makes me want to baptise myself...) Here they are pictured below at a Wassail a long, long time ago, when being responsible was option not essential. Welcome to parenthood folks, happy wassailing!


  1. Haha! That's the same night you fell backwards off your chair and broke your camera :D

  2. It could indeed be the same night... the night I finally learned that you can't enjoy a Wassail and photograph it well at the same time. I think I dented my 1956 Rolleiflex that night... oh the shame.