Thursday, 21 April 2011

A single tree...

It can be quite difficult to find a nice shaped tree that stands alone or far enough away from anything else to really show off the classic shape of an apple tree, so I was really pleased to see this on my travels one day. I'd love to see more, especially at different times of the year. I would have taken it from a slightly lower angle except I was already standing in a pile of cowshit which, even though is vegetarian, is still shit, so I didn't want to lie down.
Due to the bright conditions I had to stop down alot in my lens which has brought more than usual into focus but its nice to show off the landscape behind and give the tree a context. This would once have been a whole orchard, but as the trees die and farmers don't replace them, the land is given over to cattle or horses and used as a paddock now. Shame!

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