Friday 5 April 2013

Somerset Cider Map 2013

At last! 

Someone (a chap called Neil Barrington?) has updated our beloved cider map. The original was printed in 2001 and whilst a very good publication is now somewhat out of date. This is what you need if you ever plan to visit the area and want to meet some of our very best producers. I assume they'll be available as printed copies from various tourist information outlets  - I'll try and grab a few and keep them handy for any of you folks that I'm likely to see.
Brilliant! I have a high res copy of anyone wants one (let I know.)

Cider ballad 1762

“Ah, hapless old England! No longer be merry
Since Bute has thus tax’d your beer, cider, and perry. 
Look sullen and sad, for now this is done
No doubt in short time they’ll tax laughter and fun.” 

Satirical balled published by a cider merchant from South Hams (Devon)