"Guide To Welsh Perry & Cider" Book

This is my first book in collaboration with Pete Brown, my beer-writing cider wing-man and our first project together.

We spent many a hard working afternoon driving around Wales visiting the very best producers, pubs and festivals in that wonderful country. We discussed the intricacies of Welsh Cider late into the night over many, many pints. Its a welcoming place with a burgeoning cider scene so adventures were had and lessons were learned. At one stage, some cheese actually started talking to Pete.

Essentially, we've produced a simple tourist guide with more soul than most aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about perry and cider in Wales. It'll give you a chance to explore the best of what the country has to offer (the quality of which is really high) as we share what we found with you. 

It was commissioned by the Welsh Perry and Cider Society in 2012launched in May 2013 at the best cider festival in Wales (I'm going again next year because its ace) and is available now froThe Welsh Books CouncilWelsh Mountain Books, the producers themselves or from the Welsh Perry & Cider Society and various independent outlets.

Or buy it here!

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