Monday, 14 January 2013

Shooting Cider: Hot Rum Cow competition

With Wassails fast appearing on the horizon and the post Christmas holiday stretch still in full expansion, I just wanted to give you all an update on things.

Firstly I'm currently spending 90% of my working hours (actually maybe that should be 'waking hours'?) researching, sampling, compiling, writing, shooting, e-mailing blah blah Worlds Best Cider. Referred to as 'a Herculean task' by wing man and co-author Pete Brown last week, he's just about hit the nail on the head. Its slightly ridiculous to attempt a book like this and virtually impossible with the time we've had but we mad enough to try. Things are getting a bit mental, particularly so far as deadlines are concerned yet we're getting there, but it doesn't leave much time for much else, so I apologise for the crapness of my blog of late.

Secondly and more importantly, have you seen Hot Rum Cow's second instalment? Its their Cider edition and we're running a joint competition to win a signed print!

I believe competitions should always be easy, so to encourage as many entries as possible and this one is no exception (unless you are a lemon?) All you have to do is Tweet your own cider photo to them @HotRumCow using #IAMCIDER to label it. Yes, folks, its that easy to win a signed print. I'd recommend you have a good rummage through my archive for some inspiration, get out there and take your time when you're shooting. It'd also give you the chance to eye up any images that take your fancy in case you win.

As an added element of inspiration, I'll share with you all my cider based phone images. I love the simplicity of using my phone, and the fact that its always in my pocket means I rarely miss a chance. If you fancy anything phone based, my last post Cidergram will give you some idea of whats achievable. Good hunting folks!

Incidentally, if anyone is interested in my seeing (or even following) my Instagram feed -where all of these and more are available, you can check it out at: